Malibu Pacific
Pier 45

What is pier 45? 

Pier 45  is our ministry for 4th and 5th graders. Think of it as an “intro to student ministry”. These students are at a unique age where they are growing quickly and moving from abstract to concrete thinking. They often feel as though they are ready to move up from Sunday School but are not quite ready for youth ministry (even if they think they are!). Having a specific program for them gives us the opportunity to meet their unique needs and provide a safe space for them as they grow and mature into... teens... eeek! We believe that this age is so important in the development of what they believe and who they will become and we want to be there to love and support them. There is research that says what a student believes spiritually by the age of 13 is what they will believe for their entire life. How amazing that we get an opportunity to help guide them at this important stage! 



When: Sunday during the 10AM Worship Service
Who: 4th and 5th Graders
What:  Games, Fun, Bible Lesson, & Small Groups!
Where: Student Center at Malibu Pacific Church

*email: with questions


Pier 45 is on break for Summer but is looking forward to starting back on Tuesday, September 6th!
When: Every Tuesday Night @ 5:30pm- 6:45pm
Who: 4th and 5th Graders
What:  Skateboarding, Pizza, Games, Hang out, & a Bible Lesson
Where: Student Center at Malibu Pacific Church

*email: with questions



Jack Holcombe

Guys Core Group Leader

Shannon Dunn

Director of Student Ministry

Parker Waters

Girls Core Group Leader

Jack is a senior at Pepperdine University majoring in Psychology and Religion. Jack is originally from Tennessee but is enjoying the Malibu life. Since coming to Malibu he has picked up hobbies such as rock climbing, volleyball, spike ball, and ribbon dancing. He most often goes by Jack, but he will also answer to Phil.

Shannon has loved student ministry since the moment she entered it in 6th grade here at Malibu Pacific Church! She decided after she graduated the program that she never wanted to leave and went on to get a degree in Youth Ministry from Colorado Christian University and is working on finishing up her Masters of Theology at Fuller Seminary. She and her husband, Joel, have two daughters, Penelope & Paisley, and a black lab dog named Dude. She loves camping, road trips, Pho, succulents, and the beach. 

Parker is a senior Psychology major at Pepperdine University. She came to know the Lord at a Christian summer camp and the age of 14, which is why so is so passionate about youth ministry. Parker's home town is Dallas, Texas but when she is in Malibu she enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her friends!


If you have any questions about Pier 45,
I would love to personally answer any and all of them.